Podcast Brand Accelerator


Does This Sound Like You?

  • ​Feeling overwhelmed with trying to market online?​
  • ​​Putting in a lot of time and effort and not having results?
  • ​​Struggling to stay focused and motivated in your business?
  • ​​Not positioned online so your ideal clients can find you and buy from you?
  • ​​Feeling isolated or alone in your business calling​?
  • ​Know you need to build your email list but haven't started?

If You Answered Yes to ANY Of the Above You're Not the Only One and That's Exactly Why I Created Podcast Brand Accelerator

The Program Will Help You To:

  • ​Reach your ideal clients on the largest search engines in the world
  • ​Position yourself as an authority in the marketplace
  • ​Grow a list of engaged subscribers eager for your offers
  • ​Overcome doubt, fear, overwhelm, and discouragement and take action
  • ​Master the mindset needed to succeed in your business calling 
  • ​Create a sustainable work flow and schedule that feels aligned 
  • ​Increase your impact and income and have more fun building your business

The Podcast Brand Accelerator Includes:

  • Step by Step Training Videos (Go at Your Own Pace)
  • ​Weekly Strategic Coaching & Realtime Feedback On Your Completed Steps
  • ​Weekly Accountability
  • ​On demand Q&A between coaching calls
  • ​A FREE Ticket to the Faith & Business Virtual Retreat (Oct 2023)

But That's Not All...

  • Free Bonus #1: Set up of your list building funnel  (Done for you)
  • Free Bonus #2: Outsource training and access to my team

And SO Much More!

Ready To Launch Your Podcast Brand and Grow Your List?

What's the Cost to Participate in the Podcast Brand Accelerator?

There are several different levels of participation in the Podcast Brand Accelerator coaching program to suit your unique goals.
Apply and Schedule Your Call to See Which Level Is Best For You!

Who the Program IS For:

  • ​Women in business who want to be positioned as an authority online
  • ​Women who want to grow their business online and get results
  • ​Women ready to overcome doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that hinder their progress in business
  • ​Women ready to take strategic action and invest in themselves
  • ​Entrepreneurs who want to build a legacy brand online
  • ​Women who value operating in faith and maintaining their peace and joy

Who the program is NOT For:

  • ​Women in business who are content with maintaining limiting beliefs, doubts, and fear
  • ​Individuals seeking a get-rich-quick scheme without putting in the necessary effort and dedication
  • ​Those who are not growth minded and not open to coaching
  • ​Entrepreneurs solely focused on financial gain without considering their faith and values
  • ​Women unwilling to invest time and resources in their personal and professional growth

The Podcast Brand Accelerator is designed for women in business who want to be positioned as an authority online, attract their ideal clients and grow an email list

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • ​Q: What happens after I submit my application
    A: You will see a short thank you video and calendar to schedule your Podcast Brand Accelerator Call. Your free gift (List Building Checklist) will be immediately emailed to you!
  • ​Q: How do the coaching calls work?
    A: Live group coaching calls are conducted virtually over zoom and all are recorded and put into your members area. They will be live on Tues or Wed afternoons
  • ​Q: Can I access the training materials at my own pace?
    A: Yes, the online training portal allows you to access the recording as well as Podcast Brand Accelerator course at your convenience.  
  • ​Q: How long is the program?
    A: The Podcast Brand Blueprint coaching program is a 7-month coaching program. 
  • ​Q: What are the levels of the program?
    A: When you schedule your Podcast Brand Accelerator call we will discuss the different options for accessing the program. Each level has a one pay option and a monthly installment option to choose from. 

Let's Get On a Call & See If The Podcast Brand Blueprint is Right For You

Mia Rene is a sought-after business coach empowering women to build impactful, profitable personal brands online. She hosts the Faith & Business podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, where she shares insights and interviews on how to integrate faith and business. Mia's unique coaching approach combines practical business strategies with a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of faith and personal growth. She guides her clients through transformative processes that unlock their potential, helping them navigate obstacles, overcome self-doubt, and reach new heights of success. Passionate and dedicated, she empowers women to create lives of abundance and purpose

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